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- Syntax Highlighting for various languages- Support for embedded SQL in C files- Highlight specific regions of code (useful for documentation or editors with special syntax highlighting requirements)- Includes java class file parser** NEON Coloring **> Coloring for data types on the stack- Special highlighting for types like int, float, double, and other memory-optimized types- Optional syntax highlighting for types on the heap- special highlighting for enumerations- Special formatting for immutable/const/final data types- Highlighting for pointer and structure types- Optional stack-based primitive formatting** SQL**> Special formatting of SQL statements for SQL databases- Optional coloring for embedded SQL- Highlighting of embedded SQL snippets- Optional highlighting of stored procedures- Optional highlighting of user defined functions (sql/refactoring)- Optional coloring for SQL entities (JavaDB, Oracle, etc)- Optional highlighting for preprocessed SQL query files** XML**> Optional coloring of XML, HTML, DocBook, etc- Highlighting of CDATA sections- Highlighting of entities- Highlighting of attributes- Highlighting of XML-specific attributes- Highlighting of CDATA sections** CSS**> Optional coloring of CSS** JSP**> Optional coloring of JSP> Optional color of code embedded in JSP views**ANT**> Optional coloring of ANT files- Highlighting for color resources such as properties and include files- Optional highlighting of properties in properties files** Groovy**> Optional coloring of Groovy files> Optional highlighting of Groovy code blocks** StAX**> Optional coloring of StAX files (most XML parser libraries include syntax highlighting in their stax parsing APIs)- Optional highlighting of methods, attributes and attributes in tags** Jade**> Optional coloring of Jade files** JUnit 4.0**> Syntax highlighting for JUnit 4.0 test cases** JavaDoc**> Optional highlighting of JavaDoc comments** JavaScript**> Optional highlighting of JavaScript** JSP**> Optional highlighting of JSP> Optional highlighting of CDATA sections> Optional highlighting of entities> Optional highlighting of attributes** PHP**> Optional highlighting of PHP> Optional highlighting of PHP custom tags** JUnit 4.0**> Syntax highlighting for JUnit 4.0 08929e5ed8

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