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Dear America I

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Abraham Lincoln statue in Lincoln Memorial
Photo by Damien Santo on Unsplash

I had another nightmare

and this one was the worst

fighters in the streets

enter a big old fashioned hearse

which grew and grew like dream things do

until it touched the sky

and stacked inside were rows and rows

of folks like you and I

Americans, who up till then,

were living their daily lives,

were lying down with guns in hand

their final day arrives

They're not quite dead, not quite alive,

but somewhere in between

the guns become like phones to them,

eyes frozen to the screen

They raise their phone-guns all at once

and point them at their heads

and just before they swipe the trig,

I wake up in my bed

It’s at this point, I have to act,

I have to do my part

I start to write the pain I feel,

the anguish in my heart

We control the narrative

now more than it’s ever been

A habit forms in 30 days,

each day’s practice syncs it in

So, before you say it, ask yourself,

“Am I saying this to build him up?”

Before you do it, self reflect,

“Am I doing this to fill her cup?”

Say “Thank You” and really mean it

every morning as you wake up

Ask “What’s my purpose?”

till you no longer have to make up

reasons why you hate yourself.

Then live on purpose, don’t break up

commit to let love take us up

to a better YOU-SA

learning to love all of itself.

Can I count on you to practice this

for 30 days and then

You’ll speak love, do love, live love

and that’s the only way we’ll win!

So since we’ve tried so many things

except the habit above

Let’s use our power to unify

and start asking “How Bout Love”

Join us on this journey to a better America

Be inspired and reminded to create a more perfect union

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