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Saying you love your country while hating the people in it

is like living life by the hour and despising every minute

What a miserable existence that must be for you to cope with

Why not change your mind right now, start using love to hope with

To love is to act with love

Let's develop the habit of love


Creating a better you and a better USA can be summed up as the individual expression of these four actions by we the people for the people:


Build Up!

Fill Cup!

Give Thanks!

Rise up!

Will you commit to develop the habit of love over the next 30 days by:

Building people up through what you say or text or comment to them,

Filling people's cups by sharing resources with them, 

Giving thanks for all that you possess and all that inspires you to keep going and

Rising up to your purpose by serving in spirit and in truth what you were put on this planet for.

Imagine a love that truly is of the people, by the people, for the people. That's the America I want to live in and I hope you do too



For some, loving is easy. For those of us who may not find it so easy, we can practice these acts of love with ourselves, our family members and friends and in time, we can love on our neighbors and even strangers.


Will you join us and commit to developing this habit of love. 30 days of building people up, filling people's cups, giving thanks and Rising up to your purpose.


It may seem like an overwhelming project and you may be thinking you don't need to add anything else to your plate.


In reality it's as simple as you continuing your usual routine - waking up, getting ready for the day, carrying out your day's routine and going to bed and as you do you, speak to people in ways that build them up. Encourage them. Complement them. Let them know what you appreciate about them and as my friend Larry York says, "Give them their flowers while they are alive to enjoy them!"



If an opportunity arises, help people in ways that fill their cup.  If you are so inclined, create an opportunity to fill someone's cup. Filling someone's cup is adding to their pool of resources. Resources can be anything that a person needs to rise up to their purpose.


Paying it forward to a stranger is filling someone's cup - there are so many examples of this in today's America. See here and here for a couple. Filling someone's cup doesn't have to be a grand gesture that goes viral. It can be making an introduction to someone that can help them accomplish their mission (Contacts are resources).  


Being there for them when they need someone to listen (Peace of mind and clarity are resources). Shoveling snow off the sidewalk of the elderly lady next door (Energy that she saved by you doing it is a resource).



Give thanks for whatever it is that keeps you surfing from one adventure to the next. Life is made up of the little adventures that we embark upon each and every day and sometimes multiple times a day. Recognizing that very few if any of these adventures will find us completely and totally prepared and in spite of that we get on with it is key to appreciating all that allows us to make it to the next adventure. 

Consistently expressing and experiencing the spirit of gratitude along our journey serves as a sort of reminder that we have what it takes to rise up to our purpose even when we may not 

necessarily have what we think we should have.


We are faced with choices throughout our day. Some are the mundane choices related to everyday minutae. Others are a level up and can have greater impact and still other choices can affect the trajectory of our lives.


As you evolve into your purpose, make choices that take you in the direction of your highest calling at the time. When you are gliding through life on purpose, the highs and the lows don't seem so steep and so deep. Rise up and choose the highest option with your purpose in mind.


Build up, fill cup, give thanks, rise up!


America I-IX
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