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Dear America IX

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

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Photo by Lefty Kasdaglis on Unsplash

The reality is we’re a team

all the citizens of the USA

and if we don’t fight to unite

divided is how we will stay

Sports are a part of our culture,

we bet on, we watch and we play

If all 330 million of us are a team,

What is the sport that we play?

That is the root of our problem

We don’t know the sport that we’re playing

and as a result, we don’t know the rules

or how to score points, I’m just saying

Until those are known, we’re in trouble

we’ve splintered into multiple teams

each claiming to know what’s best for us

denouncing the others with memes

Some of the best teams when training

split up and play head to head

and even if tempers get heated

they don’t wish their teammates were dead

The Bulls and the Lakers weren’t perfect

as they worked to become the world’s best

they fought and they had disagreements

their resolve to win, put to the test

Each player had skills that were different

on the team, each would do his own part

together they focused on trusting the work

they put in when they trained from the heart

Great teams do something worth noting

The players commit to each other

to give all they’ve got in pursuit of the prize

training side by side like they're brothers

We're the players on team USA

it's past time we decide to commit

to unify and ignore the dividers

who are focused on their benefit

The dividers are people and groups

that routinely sell them versus us

the uniters sell WE and only WE

cause they know WE can't win without trust

Back to the root of the problem

which is, "What is the sport that we’re in",

how do we score, what are the rules,

what do we do to become champion

Is it touchdowns we need or home-runs

to be fastest or sink holes in one

to be highest or strongest or get the most goals

to be the greatest team under the sun

Consider the sport that we’re playing

has no balls, nets or hoops to shoot into

just the gifts that we have to share with the team

so we leave the world better when we’re through

Whatever we decide that we're playing

we all need to play as ONE team

unlike sports that we watch on tv

It's TRUE life not trophies that’s our dream

True life has joy and has challenge

that properly invites us to rise

to the occasion that faces all great teams

walk in truth or collapse in the lies

We control the narrative

now more than it’s ever been

A habit forms in 30 days,

each day’s practice syncs it in

So, before you say it, ask yourself,

“Am I saying this to build him up?”

Before you do it, self reflect,

“Am I doing this to fill her cup?”

Say “Thank You” and really mean it

every morning as you wake up

Ask “What’s my purpose?”

till you no longer have to make up

reasons why you hate yourself.

Then live on purpose, don’t break up

commit to let love take us up

to a better USA

learning to love all of itself.

Can I count on you to practice this

for 30 days and then

You’ll speak love, do love, live love

and that’s the only way we’ll win!

So since we've tried so many things

except the habit above

Let's use our power to unify

and start asking "How Bout Love"

Join us on this journey to a better America

Be inspired and reminded to create a more perfect union

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