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Dear America V

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

arch stone in Utah
Photo by Natalie Chaney on Unsplash

Will we be the ones who cause

this bold experiment to fail?

Subjecting our kids and our kid’s kids

to an avoidable trip through hell

Some can’t wait to start a war

but most want to live in peace

ALERT: Civil war is not the same

as policing the police!

No person or department

has right to act above the law

Thanks to phone-cams everywhere

and the police sketches they draw

We can’t sit on the sidelines,

as propaganda fills our hearts,

being fed hate by algorithms

that are tearing us apart

They learn what we like

and serve us more and more extremes

Pull our attention from real life

so we can share fake hate news memes

Let's not forget the con men

who are paid to get us to see

the people we should hate

and who's our country's enemy

They do their best to enrage us

then offer cheap shit for sale

give conspiracies to share on facebook

that are sure to raise some hell

They point out certain people

as the reason we can't live free

Subscribe, Share and Like and

before you know it, there is no WE

Hate our neighbors, block our friends,

is what they really want us to do

The more we move away from love

the more hate comes shining through

We control the narrative

now more than it’s ever been

A habit forms in 30 days,

each day’s practice syncs it in

So, before you say it, ask yourself,

“Am I saying this to build him up?”

Before you do it, self reflect,

“Am I doing this to fill her cup?”

Say “Thank You” and really mean it

every morning as you wake up

Ask “What’s my purpose?”

till you no longer have to make up

reasons why you hate yourself.

Then live on purpose, don’t break up

commit to let love take us up

to a better USA

learning to love all of itself.

Can I count on you to practice this

for 30 days and then

You’ll speak love, do love, live love

and that’s the only way we’ll win!

So since we've tried so many things

except the habit above

Let's use our power to unify

and start asking "How Bout Love"

Join us on this journey to a better America

Be inspired and reminded to create a more perfect union

Follow us on Instagram: @abetterYOUsa

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