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Dear America III

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Golden Gate Bridge
Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Irreconcilable differences

Are we headed for divorce

This path will surely cost us,

both money and lives of course

We’re not a perfect union,

but we’re still worth fighting for

We can save ourselves now

or keep spouting words of war

Comment and share some more

It's time we rise above the hate

up where we know what to ignore

Who wins when we’re divided

The ones pulling the strings,

The ones being manipulated,

Or the ones confusing things

A team that’s fighting against itself

is a team that will not win

True teams stop when things get hot

and with love, proceed again

It's not enough to remind each other

We must act now to fill the cracks,

this dam's about to break

Let's start with something simple

and easy to understand:

I do me and you do you,

NO harm to fellow man

Anything that flips that script,

we remove it from the mix

If a more perfect union is to be,

together we’re the fix

We control the narrative

now more than it’s ever been

A habit forms in 30 days,

each day’s practice syncs it in

So, before you say it, ask yourself,

“Am I saying this to build him up?”

Before you do it, self reflect,

“Am I doing this to fill her cup?”

Say “Thank You” and really mean it

every morning as you wake up

Ask “What’s my purpose?”

till you no longer have to make up

reasons why you hate yourself.

Then live on purpose, don’t break up

commit to let love take us up

to a better YOU-SA

learning to love all of itself.

Can I count on you to practice this

for 30 days and then

You’ll speak love, do love, live love

and that’s the only way we’ll win!

So since we've tried so many things

except for the habit above

Let's use our power to unify

and start asking "How Bout Love?"

Join us on this journey to a better America

Be inspired and reminded to create a more perfect union

Follow us on Instagram: @abetterYOUsa

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