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Dear America IV

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

St. Louis Arch reflected in water
Photo by Chris Hardy on Unsplash

We all want better safety,

peace, prosperity and health

and to live our best lives

no matter what our wealth

Do we want to be that city on a hill,

where all of us truly matter

or a sad, collapsed empire

where the fat cats just get fatter

Will we become the refugees?

The asylum seeking masses

who let power, greed and divisiveness

destroy our selfish asses

It probably won’t get that bad

and probably won’t happen soon?

So why buy guns and ammo

and post hateful cartoons?

There is tension all around us

feels like we're on the brink

From sea to shining sea,

purple mountains may just sink

I can’t hate you and you can’t hate me

and expect America to survive

This happened once. It didn’t end well.

We need to keep democracy alive

That means anyone or anything

that weakens democracy’s power

needs to be replaced or reformed

and monitored every hour

Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances,

Fundamental Human Rights

To what and whom are threatening these,

that’s where we take the fights

Freedom of speech, choice, assembly,

the press and religion

Whatever limits the expression of these

is a source of our division

Equity, Justice, Rule of Law

and UNRESTRICTED access to vote

Correcting what blocks the flow of these,

that’s our antidote

We control the narrative

now more than it’s ever been

A habit forms in 30 days,

each day’s practice syncs it in

So, before you say it, ask yourself,

“Am I saying this to build him up?”

Before you do it, self reflect,

“Am I doing this to fill her cup?”

Say “Thank You” and really mean it

every morning as you wake up

Ask “What’s my purpose?”

till you no longer have to make up

reasons why you hate yourself.

Then live on purpose, don’t break up

commit to let love take us up

to a better YOU-SA

learning to love all of itself.

Can I count on you to practice this

for 30 days and then

You’ll speak love, do love, live love

and that’s the only way we’ll win!

So since we've tried so many things

except the habit above

Let's use our power to unify

and start asking "How Bout Love?"

Join us on this journey to a better America

Be inspired and reminded to create a more perfect union

Follow us on Instagram: @abetterYOUsa

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