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Anthony "NINJA" Grant

Within ACRODUNK™, we have had the pleasure of attracting incredibly talented athletes/entertainers who have become members of our team. Some have gone on to tackle dream fulfilling projects and some are just on the edge of glory. The heavy lifting has been done, the sweat has been perspired, the challenges mostly overcome - they just need that one big break and they'll be off and running.


One person in particular is Anthony Grant aka NINJA. I am truly thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with him over the past few years. He is professional, open to learning new things and committed to becoming better at what he does.  

As a B-Boy, Ninja has definitely made his mark.  He has a long list of achievements accumulated while performing worldwide and he is known and well respected throughout the dance world and beyond. Anthony is a passionate advocate of Dance and this might lead you to deduce that dance is the only skill in his bag of tricks. You would be wrong and need only consider the following list which highlights some of his abilities:





-Motivational Speaker


-Team Leader

-Team Player



-Neuro Physicist

OK, so I was on a roll and that last one spilled from my imagination onto the keyboard but make no mistake, Ninja is no light weight.

Some of you might even question the 2nd to the last ability, but I will stand by it at the risk of being guilty of hyperbole.  Ninja's philosophy of life is somewhere between that of Jesus without the virgin birth and messiah thing and Michael Jackson without the world domination and kiddie sleepovers. While you might occasionally hear him preach his philosophy, the real joy is watching him live it!

Anthony is honest and transparent. He cares about people and believes in using his giftedness to inspire others. He is known by people all over the world and uses his experiences to guide others to become their best selves.

Ninja is quite empathic, as he naturally relates to people and feels their pain and their joy. He is also a majestic entertainer with great timing and a natural gift to amaze. His entertainment provides people an escape from their worries.  He is humble and seeks to learn more while reminding others what makes them great.

Anthony has a great sense of humor and easily laughs at himself. He is quick witted and can appropriately deliver sarcasm and irony with aplomb. He has that rare ability to tap into his own internal vision and draw motivation to keep going in spite of enduring what would crush the spirit of lesser men.


As a teammate, the thing I appreciate most about Ninja is he is always willing to do his part and do it well. Even when the role he is assigned is not high profile, he will find a way to shine.

Over the years, Ninja has helped make ACRODUNK more than just a dunk team and we are forever grateful. I can't wait for his big break to come, few people deserve it as much as he.

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