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Dear Donald 12-9-20

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

White crosses on graves in graveyard with American flags
Photo by Nicolas Michot on Unsplash

Dear Donald,

You sir, are playing with fire.

Someone is bound to get burned.

Many of your followers are being radicalized. Anytime you combine spiritual fervor, nationalism and a perceived wrong committed by the state, you have the makings of an uprising where people are willing to die for the cause. Unfortunately, sometimes this also means some are willing to kill.

I hope I am wrong.

Your rhetoric tapped into the feeling people already had of being ignored, patronized and even persecuted. You recognized them, spoke to them, convinced them you cared and vowed to fight for them.

All of that is fine and good. Things become problematic when your followers see you as a vehicle God is using to deliver America from evil and all it takes is a romp through the evangelical digital landscape to realize that is what many people believe. Consider this scenario: If I believe in prophets and the prophets say that you will win the election and then you don’t, I have to conclude that the prophecy is false or it just has not come to pass. The last thing I want to admit is that the prophecy is false, so it is my faithful duty to believe that God will have the last say on this matter and remain faithful till the very end - whatever that means. If faith without works is dead then some of those faithful may help the prophecy along by taking actions they feel are necessary - whatever that means.

Some of these prophets encourage people not to watch “mainstream” media because the media will proclaim Biden as president and that is a lie and the faithful may be tempted to believe it. “Do not read the comments section on social media”, they warn “as it is a way for the enemy to weaken your conviction.” They speak with certainty that you will have your second term. “It’s been won in the spirit”, they say, “it has to manifest in the natural. Oh yee of little faith, did I not say my anointed (You) would remain on the throne!” According to these prophets, the more people who walk in faith believing that it’s already done, the better.

Prior to the election, the embers of radicalization were being stoked and slowly the fire has grown to the point that we are on the verge of an inferno poised to burn down what was already a democracy ravaged by drought.

Evangelical prophets who prophecied that you would win the 2020 election are insisting that God will yet triumph and you will be declared the President of United States on January 20, 2021. Pastors are shaming christians who have conceded that you lost. They are suggesting that these Christians have been poorly trained by their pastors. “If any christian is not convinced that prophecy will come to pass, they need to tear up their invitation to the victory party!”, they share. Spiritual “leaders” are suggesting that if ever there was a time to fight for “truth” now is that time. They have so connected you to America’s salvation that it has become easy for many of them to even now still believe in the miracle of a continuation of your presidency. “We have to trust God’s movement through him (You)”, they say. Some believe Rudy Giuliani is your armor bearer. I realize you may not know what that means so here.

With so many of your court cases crumbling under the weight of scrutiny and resulting in failure after failure, many of your followers are remaining faithful. When they shout “Stop The Steal”, it is spoken as a prayer. For some of them, what has taken place and appears to still be taking place is one of the biggest heists that they have ever witnessed. Some are feeling not only dismayed but also betrayed. How could God allow this to happen, they wonder. Others are remaining steadfast in their belief that you will continue on with your presidency if only they have enough faith, pray harder, shout louder, bring more lawsuits, assemble more people in DC, petition more and camp outside of election officials’ houses with guns. God’s will be done through me is their guiding principle.

Some prophets are suggesting that we are now in the spiritual fox-hole and the bullets are flying and this is the test to see who is committed, who is battle-ready, who has true faith. Many are selling books and t-shirts to help their sheep fully understand God’s anointment on you.

There is a deep understanding that it is up to Christians and their actions to move God to fulfill your anointing as a two-term president. A repenting nation will move God to conduct a miracle so prayer and faith in the face of overwhelming opposition is their strategy. They proclaim, “When we know what’s right and what God’s will is then we have no reason to not keep fighting and to fight until the war is over.”

When America’s constitutional crisis is seen as not just a political battle but our generation’s 1776 moment, a new American Revolution some are calling it, then it is not too far fetched to wonder when the real gun shots will start. When this crisis is also considered spiritual warfare, we should be prepared to witness people do things that their “God” commanded them to do no matter how ungodly those things might be. I understand the metaphorical power of using words like “bullets”, “warfare”, “fighting”, “steal” and “enemy” and most of your followers do too, it is the few who will take the rhetoric as literal that concern me. What will those devotees do when state electors vote on December 14th and the miracle has not occurred? What will they do when Congress counts the electoral votes on January 6, 2021 and the miracle still has not occurred? What will they do when Biden is inaugurated on January 20, 2021?

You have people willing to go all the way and even die for you.

For you, Donald.

That has to give you the utmost pleasure. Unfortunately, many have died and are dying and while all the responsibility for those deaths cannot rightfully be placed at your feet, many might still be alive if you had been a coach and not a coronavirus cheerleader.

So, once again in a moment of crisis, instead of coaching, you continue to cheer. Kick your leg high Donnie, shake those pom-poms and remember to cheer loudly even if the lights are off, the stands are empty, the game is over and your team has lost.

I will end with this: So many people believe this crusade is bigger than you. They believe God will create a miracle so big that God’s involvement cannot be denied. They believe that fraud will be exposed in such a way that you will continue on with the 2nd term of your presidency. I believe that they believe this way more deep in their spirit than you do and that’s when you know the con has worked.

I just hope for America’s sake, if God does take time out of what must be an unimaginably busy schedule to deliver an election miracle for you, that it includes love and truth. Love that recognizes and gravitates toward truth. Truth that pierces the heart and ministers like love.

It’s been said that you gotta go through hell to get to heaven, let’s hope that hell, like the rest of the world, has coronavirus travel restrictions for Americans or we’re in for a hellacious 2021.

Oh yeah, I know you’ve been busy with all of this election mumbo-jumbo but just so you know according to the Johns Hopkins COVID 19 Map* as of December 9, 2020 at 3:28pm EST, under your cheerleading, there are 288,716 Americans killed by Covid-19 and 15,359,348 CONFIRMED cases.

*(copyright 2020 Johns Hopkins University, all rights reserved)

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Map 12-9-20

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Adam Jenkins
Adam Jenkins
25 nov. 2022

Wow, so well written, poignant and accurate; like reading an article from the New Yorker. AND, now in retrospect, so perfectly insightful (unfortunately)



Well written and well said Mr. Burrell

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