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The view from my desk

When I engage in creative pursuits

and I climb to heights where my soul sways to the rhythm of rightness,

I know then that I must proceed,

I must keep rising.

This is what I must do,

where I must go.

I massage the words, the vision or the idea

by applying pressure and gentle caress.

I kneed out the cramped muscles of the mundane

and release the tensions of tradition,

unlocking the portal to possibilities.

I pierce the dimensional barrier

and ascend to a realm of resonance

where I synch with destiny.

Trecking up the rocky peak of rightness,

viewing the valley that forged me,

my heart's beat reverberates through every fiber of my being

with delight and the certainty that

when I jump off this creative cliff, I will fly!

My lips tremble,

my eyes swell

and I leap!

Spreading my wings,

I soar, flydancing to a rhythm

that nourishes my soul.

I'll Go Rhythm!

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