I've Counted On My Mom All My Life

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

When I left the house to attend kindergarten,

I counted on you to be there when I came back.

When I ditched over 30 days of school in 5th grade,

I counted on you to figure out what I lacked.

When my 8th grade counselor refused to enroll me in Algebra,

I counted on you to stand up for me

When I moved in with Aunt Rosie in 10th grade,

I counted on you to trust and let me be

When I found out West Point disqualified me,

I counted on you to help save the day

When I decided to go to Arizona State,

I counted on you to help find a way

When I met challenges every semester,

I counted on your encouragement and support

When It looked like things were not going to work,

I counted on you being in my court

When I graduated from Arizona State,

I counted on you to be in the crowd

When I had 12 jobs in 2 years,

I counted on you reminding me mistakes are allowed

When I found the place I was supposed to be,

I counted on you to help me grow

When I was able to enjoy past birthdays with you,

I counted on you to know how much I appreciate your example, your sense of adventure, just being with you

and here we are in a pandemic miles apart and I realize I’m still counting on you

This year I turned 56 and you 78

We have to have birthday fun at a later date

As your son, I count on you and I miss you mother

Reviewing the past 5 decades I see we’ve actually counted on each other

When I was 12, you were 34. 1234

When I was 23, you were 45. 2345

When I was 34, you were 56. 3456

When I was 45, you were 67. 4567

In 2020 we are 56 and 78: 5678

All of your children believe you are the best mom ever!

Know that we love you

Enjoy your birthday and stay safe

We are counting on you!


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