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DAY 21 of my 21 day writing challenge

This is the final entry of my writing challenge but not the end of my writing.

The theme for this challenge has been action and achievement because I recognize the challenge I have with “taking action” at times.

Each day’s writing was a response to a prompt from the writing challenge facilitator. I could interpret the prompt however I chose or even ignore it. The only rules were write each day and post publicly. Requesting feedback was a soft rule.

This last day’s challenge is to write something about a secret I keep (or have kept) from myself.

Welcome to my confession.

I’m lonely!

Sad but true. Allow me to explain.

I started dunking when I was 27.

I will be 54 years old in May.

2018 marks my 27th year as a player in the freesTYle dunk game.

Most if not all of the guys I “grew-up” dunking with have moved on to pursue other passions.

I have considered moving on as well. Many times, even at the very beginning.

Every single time, something takes place or someone enters the scene that sucks me right back into the dunk vortex.

Winn Molnari Eli Akin Bryan Keith Brown Sadiki Fuller Ernest Brown Byron Thomas Darrell Richards Todd Weeks Joseph Fountain Teryl Smith Sr. Trent Baker Clay Baimbridge Abelardo Araguz Raymond Turner Wayne Bell Jason Skillern Terrance Harrison Grechel Kelley

I have history with these folks. They are dunkers and they are people who helped make the dunking possible. The first time they jumped off a trampoline and dunked a basketball was because they took action to attend our practice or the first time they helped build or support our dunk business was because they took action to be a part of what we were doing.

This was in the 90’s.

I miss these people.

They were part of the rough and tumble early days when dunking was their job, not their hobby. There was enough work for it to be the only thing they did to generate income and they took it seriously.

The 2000’s brought amazing people to the ACRODUNK party, some of whom are still fighting the good dunk fight, but for many of them our visions differ and the generation gap is wide.

The reality is, most freesTYle dunkers in the American dunk game dunk as a hobby. They have their “real” job or jobs and they dunk for fun. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dunking as a hobby. There have been years where it might as well have been a hobby for me, I made so little money doing it.

Some of our country’s best dunkers got their start as and remain hobby dunkers and every one of them deserves every opportunity that comes their way.

There are the occasional “tours” that cycle through from time to time to exploit the entertainment value of what we create. The 4 or 6 or 8 month dunk opportunity that elicits a flurry of #tourlife hashtags and pays bills. These are wonderful opportunities which often expand a dunkers repertoire while expanding the list of places they’ve traveled. Generally though, when it’s over, dunking becomes a hobby again.

What if dunking was your career?

No, really.

What if you considered being a professional dunker?

Would you approach things differently?

The entertainment industry is tough. I understand. You’ve got to be versatile. Have other skills. So when dunk opportunities become slim you’ve got other muscles you can flex to pay the bills. I get it. Or maybe it’s just a stepping stone to something else. I get that too!

What if there was a system that allowed you to train and perform and compete and inspire and build a legacy and pay your bills and more?

I am looking for the founding fathers of such a system. The Founding Fathers of USA DUNK must have the passion, the intelligence, the conviction, the talent and the vision to see past the current system where you get Toto sized scraps from Dorothy’s abundant plate.

If you have the composition to take risks and believe that in this AMERICA we can still dare to dream big and not settle for just tagging along. Let’s create a DUNKmocracy unlike any created before or after.

Let’s build a United States of SLAMerica that is a shining star on a hill providing opportunity to those holding 4 jobs, those with minimum wage dunk paychecks, those who dunk as a hobby but want and deserve more.

I am tired of being lonely. Join me as a Founding Father and let’s leave a legacy that freesTYle dunkers 5,10, 50, 100 years from now will be grateful for.

George WasHANGTIME where you at Thomas Je-FLY-son we need you brah Alexander SLAMilton let’s do this BenJAM-ON Franklin make a move James MaDUNKson whatchu waiting for

JUMP Adams let's go


Let’s team up and dream up to build this thing!

It won’t happen overnight. It won’t be easy. We will disagree. There won’t be much money till the work is done. Some won’t last. It’s not for the fickle, the doubters or the weak.

We’re building the United States of SLAMerica and if you’re an amateur, retired or professional American freesTYle dunker, grab your talent and RUN to and sign your DUNKlaration of Independence by ENLISTING NOW!

I remain grateful.

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