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USFDF Flyte Awards

FreesTYle dunkers do amazing things on and off the court.

Most of us do it because we love it.

Getting paid to do it just makes it sweeter.

Getting recognized by our peers for it cements our legacy.

The United States Freestyle Dunk Federation​ is proud to recognize excellence within the American FreesTYle Dunk Community.

Announcing the 1st annual USFDF Flyte Awards where we will honor current and former dunkers in the following categories for their live performances during 2018:

•DNKR of the year

•DNK Team of the year

•Solo DNK of the year

•Tandem DNK of the year

•Most viral DNK clip of the year

•Pass of the year

•Throwback DNK of the year (solo or tandem dunks performed prior to 2001)

•Flashback DNK of the year (solo dunks performed 2001-2017)

If you performed in a live show in 2018, you and/or your performance are eligible to be nominated. Each nomination must have a video link to support it. Rehearsal dunks do not qualify. Nominate your teammates or yourself at USADUNK.ORG by January 29, 2019.

We are inviting former freesTYle dunkers from the 80's, 90's and 2000's to be presenters. Old school dunkers, if you are interested text me or message me and I'll give you the details (Bryan Keith Brown​ and other @High "Impact" Squad​ members, David Pendergrass​ and other Bud Light Daredevils​ , Scott Hesington​, Zoli Berenci, Paul Linne​, Guy Cobb, Adam Hardy, Travis Todd Weeks​, Teryl Smith Sr.​ and others)

Winners announced February 16, 2019

Keep Rising!

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