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Write Your Script

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Jacob Owens - Unsplash

Billions have come, billions have gone

Throughout their lives they've lost and they've won

Billions more will come and go

What deep truths will their lives show

For their time, for their place,

for the air that they breathed

For their loves, for their hates,

for their good and bad deeds

Write the script for your life

you will be the lead actor,

the producer, the director,

the editor, the caster

This will be your story

decide now how you'll live it

what matters, what doesn't

how much effort you'll give it

Will U add or subtract

to the world's awesome beauty

create or destroy,

choose now, it's your duty

Will you be hero or villain

making life better or worse

for the people around U

will U be blessing or curse

Will U pretend to be

Like some actors do,

or become who U are

the 1 only U

Will U live in fear or above it

Hate mystery or love it

When rich will you share it

When broke will you covet

Will U walk paths never taken

with all the unknowns

or choose familiar and comfort

smoothing out the road's stones

2 parts H mixed with O

become water each time

1 part U mixed with grow

leads to LIFE so sublime

U have skills, gifts and talents

the world’s searching for new

Live with heart, body, soul

Life is art, paint it U

It’s your choice, that’s the beauty

of this adventure we’re on

Choose to be king of your kingdom

or be another king’s pawn

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