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This EBook is 47 pages and features the poem Will U? in it's entirety


Will U? Enhanced Edition is the 2nd book in Jerry's Will U? Series which poses questions to provoke thoughts in the reader's mind to consider what values they will choose as they continue their life's journey. A great gift for anyone graduating from one phase of their lives to the next.


The reader is encouraged to write their own script and to recognize the responsibility they have to produce, direct and star in their own life story.


All of us still have amazing stories to live and to tell and while our script will only ever be an outline, without it we are blown to and fro second guessing how to grow, but armed with our script, we grow in purpose. The values we write into our story and choose to live out at any given time dictate the level of fulfillment with which we experience our one of a kind lives. This book is a reminder of that.


In partnership with USA DUNK, Jerry L. Burrell is spearheading an effort to create a better YOUSA.  All proceeds from the sale of Will U? enhanced edition will go to ABetterYoUSA. Jerry understands that a better America starts with better Americans and Will U? is designed to encourage readers to decide how best to live their lives.


  • This book is an EBook and will be delivered to you via email as a EPUB file. You will need an EPUB reader to read the book and many options are available via your app store for free. The copywright for all contents of the EBook belong to Jerry L. Burrell ©2021 All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever. For Information:

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