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Dear Donald 6-26-2020

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Dear Donald,

Congratulations! You ended the week with a win. It doesn’t matter what the win is as long as you can claim a win, right?. You’ve been talking about it all week and finally you took action with your executive order which admits that you believe blm!

This isn’t really a surprise to any of us who have been paying attention. You’ve referenced it in tweets, alluded to it in rallies and finally today in an attempt to ride the wave of the current social climate you had your lawyers create what I’m calling your blm executive order.

After what this country has witnessed with Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, George Floyd and the resulting protests and demonstrations you’ve taken the bold steps to proclaim that blm!

Yep! Instead of aiming the full-force of the federal government at police who use excessive and lethal force against alive black unarmed bodies and the potential those bodies and minds possess, you made a big production out of protecting bodies made of bronze many of which when they were alive were proponents of killing, lynching and enslaving black bodies.

With this executive order, you speak loud and clear that bronze lives matter!

I grew up in Denver, CO and didn't understand what the confederate flag symbolized until I was in high school. Denver is not Jackson, MS or Birmingham, AL so I had very little exposure to the flag, the statuary and the monuments of the confederacy. Unlike Caroline Randall Williams, I didn't have very strong feelings about confederate symbolism. Now I do along with Charles Blow. Yes, with your executive order, you did what you do best: create new and widen old divisions.

You posted tweet after tweet announcing that you were furious about the chokeholds “hoodlums” were executing against confederate statues. You made comments at your rallies supporting the confederate pro-slavery masters who perfected knee on the neck discipline and who are heroes of white supremacists around the country.

When ropes and chains were used to bring down these morally repugnant reminders of America's roping and chaining of humans, you insist on creating an executive order that mostly serves as a symbol to confederate statue loving citizens that you feel their pain. You propose up to 10 year sentences with retroactive application to past violators. You insisted on reinforcing existing law and holding back funding for jurisdictions that do not defend the rights of your beloved bronze brethren.

How hard would it have been for you to announce an executive order that reinforces existing laws against excessive/lethal police force and holds back funding for jurisdictions that do not adequately monitor and punish the “bad apples” that do exist on police forces around the nation.

Only the very extreme in your base might abandon you had you done that but most of them would see it for what it was. You making a symbolic nod to the hundreds of thousands and even millions of Americans who have been in the streets the past couple of weeks insisting that changes be made to protect Black Lives. They would have seen it as you doing something to unite and they would have shouted about it to their "liberal" family members.

You chose instead to defend and protect symbols of dead white people who enslaved, killed and raped black people for profit, pleasure and power. You chose to throw your political power into the ring with dead white traitors over alive black Americans. Your claims that this is about law & order fall short. The ultimate law & order statement is an executive order that holds law & order accountable.

You suck brah!

You refuse to use your power for the good of the country and insist on using it to benefit you and you alone. You know you don’t care about Freedom of Religion. You know you don’t care about Freedom of Speech. You know you don’t care about the confederacy or freedom in general. What you care about is simple, you care only about your freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want however you want. Drunk with Power. That’s what you are.

You suck!

Yep, I'm still angry.

By the way, please note that according to the Johns Hopkins COVID 19 Map* as of June 26, 2020 at 7:33pm EST, under your leadership, there are 125,039 Americans killed by Covid-19 and 2,467,404 CONFIRMED cases.

*(copyright 2020 Johns Hopkins University, all rights reserved)

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