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Dear Donald 6-28-2020

Dear Donald,

OK, it is clear that you are getting more and more desperate.

Tens of thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of Americans took to the streets to protest the ongoing police brutality in this country and the death of George Floyd specifically.

Being an attention whore, you must have hated seeing all those people making their voices heard and not be able to make it about you. Whenever possible, you want to be the focus of attention and when you are not, you do your best to draw that attention to yourself.

I can imagine you asking your aides “What can I do to get that many people to march side by side in cities around the world in the middle of a pandemic and chant my name?” I know the idea of you actually asking a question like that would to some people, be a ridiculous notion but I am willing to bet your next judicial nominee that if you didn’t ask that particular question, you asked something eerily similar.

You’ve had some raucous rallies with rabid fans camping out to be the first ones in line to see you in person but nothing that you have done since you were inaugurated in 2017 has caused people to respond like they responded to George Floyd’s death.

Americans of all colors, religions and socio-economic backgrounds sparked a movement that spread across the globe and you were NOT the object of their passion. You could have rode the political waves of the demonstrations to a few upticks in your approval rating by supporting their message but you chose to make it about you which it is not.

Your stunt at Lafayette park where you cleared peaceful protesters to stage a photo op was your way of making it about you. Your tweets threatening military force against American citizens was your way of making it about you. Your comment that “MAGA Loves the Blacks” was your wack-ass awkward way of making it about you and your Tulsa and Arizona rallies were definitely your desperate way of getting the spotlight on you. It’s like you run on a battery that can only be charged by the attention that you get from tweets, from interviews, from task force meetings and headlines.

Your now deleted tweet this morning of a video where a guy shouts “White Power” is being talked about. Your surrogates are saying you didn’t notice the “White Power” guy. Your detractors are saying you damn well noticed it and tweeted it anyway to appease your “White Power” base. I think you are so desperate for any public examples of adoration that when you saw that video it was like a heroin addict after days of drought getting a fix. All you experienced was a head laid back, eyes closed wave of euphoria that not even the cultish praise of Kayleigh McEnany could have penetrated.

Maybe you actually didn’t hear the man in the video say “White Power” and that’s what makes things even scarier. You crave attention and adoration so much that you make choices which then later have to be reversed. My concern is with those choices that cannot be reversed, those choices where once you pull the trigger, the damage is done and I mean DONE!

You hosted two rallies in the middle of a pandemic in cities that were experiencing increases in new cases. These rallies were held indoors with very little social distancing and many of the attendees chose not to wear masks. These rallies were hosted in ways that violate your CDC’s guidelines. Lots of older people at the Tulsa rally and mostly young people at the AZ rally may have been exposed to the novel coronavirus. Some of your staffers tested positive and some of your secret service officers were forced to quarantine. If your staffers and secret service officers were exposed, how likely is it that attendees were exposed.

You are so desperate that you are willing to put other people’s lives at risk to get your dopamine hits. With your approval ratings dropping and being behind Biden in numerous polls, I think you NEED to have people willing to die just to see and hear you in person. It is the kind of thing that allows you to appear like you are not a loser - that is more important to you than being a winner.

Here’s what I think about your power trip and attention whoredom: All some one has to do is manipulate you to believe that people will love you for a particular choice you make and show their love with twitter comments and glowing talking head testimonies to your greatness and before long you will do what they want.

You’re desperate!

By the way, If nobody has informed you, please note that according to the Johns Hopkins COVID 19 Map* as of June 28, 2020 at 9:33pm EST, under your leadership, there are 125,803 Americans killed by Covid-19 and 2,548,996 CONFIRMED cases.

*(copyright 2020 Johns Hopkins University, all rights reserved)

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