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Dear Donald & Kanye 7/27/20

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Donald & Kanye,

I had a dream where Donald sat behind the Resolute Desk and uttered the following:

I am an American Boy and I want Power. I will Knock You Down to get it because I am a Heartless Monster. Welcome to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy where I live the Good Life and nobody Can’t Tell Me Nothing. Where I am Stronger than everyone and my name is on everything in Flashing Lights. Watch All Of The Lights shine on me, my Gold Digger, my Clique and my Amazing re-election campaign as we Runaway to victory and Run This TownForever!

Y’all think y’all slick huh? But ain't nobody falling for the Donald & Kanye show.

You are flip sides of the same coin. Both made from the same metal. Holding the same values kept safe in the same pocket.

You see yourselves as extraordinary and yearn for praise from everyone else. You smack your lips and lick your fingers in spectacle for the masses to behold as you feed off the carcass of hyperbole.

You insist that everyone recognize how much you think you’re worth and you nail yourselves to the cross of capitalism as a sacrifice for the sin of making america great again.

You chose entertainment to make a name for yourselves and to many, you’ve become quasi saviors, amassing a following that the Messiah would have died to lead. The media and the millions in your flock salivate each time you bless them with rambling sermons, bold proclamations and confessions of superiority. “Don’t worry” you tell yourselves when the haters troll you, “Many thought Jesus was crazy too!”

This run for the presidency is a set-up and a brilliant one at that. Kanye, you claiming to disavow Donald while claiming you will be victorious over Biden through write-in votes alone is the stuff of legend. You like having big hairy audacious goals! Especially the ones that you don’t actually have to achieve in order to benefit. Yep, If only Donda could see you now. Her baby, running for the highest seat in the land.

I find it hard to believe 2020 can get any more outlandish and upside down than it is right now. We have just under 100 days to go till election day which is a lot of time for y’all to out-spectacle each other for media attention and the ego strokes that go with it.

Kanye, you have sons that while bi-racial are seen as black by the MAGA crowd. All the money in the world won’t make them as valuable as Donald’s sons. They may not have your poetic giftedness and ambition and even if they did, this is still America where even with your gold plated last name, their mistakes will be felonies to Baron’s misdemeanors and their wildest success will only elevate them to Eric’s mediocrity. Your daughters, amazing as they may be to you, will never be adored and placed on an Ivankafide pedestal. They’ll be considered exotic and maybe even pretty for black girls but they’ll never rise to Tiffanie privilege, Donald and his most ardent supporters are intent on keeping it that way.

Kanye, whether you continue this run or not, you will gain even more fame which will translate to more money and more access and more opportunity and maybe even inspire other young black men to strive for their most audacious dreams and goals. But when your son and daughter come of age as black men and women in America, my bet is that they will see through this charade and recognize it for what it is. Self interest, greed, addiction to the spotlight and an unhealthy devotion to being loved and admired. Your money will only insulate them so much before reality bludgeons them into recognizing the truth that will set them free. They'll love you still but they will hate having to defend how you played the game.

Donald, while I am sure there are layers of people and connections that separate you from Kanye’s campaign to give you plausible deniability, it is so obvious to anyone paying attention that this is some next level Donald/Kanye media manipulation. I am smiling as I write this because I know Biden and Co. are wondering what the fuck to do at the same time as you guys are ROFL at the idea of them running around like chickens with their heads cut-off.

From an entertainment standpoint, this is wilder than any streaming option currently being delivered. The last 3 and a half years have been Black Mirror, Tiger King, The Irishmen, Stranger Things and Twilight Zone all balled into one spectacular train wreck and the world tries not to binge watch your shenanigans while people drop dead all around us.

Donald, I applaud your audacity. You are obviously in over your head yet your mediocrity has taken you to the highest seat in the land. You believe you deserve where you have ended up. You believe your family and your friends deserve the access you provide them. You believe, in spite of all of your failure in business, that you are able to lead the country like it's a business. Try as you might to lead, you’ve broken America and left death and despair in the wake of your experiment.

To be clear, you are the villain in this global horror movie that we’re all being forced to endure. As entertaining as some people think you are, I cannot imagine the possibility of a sequel. We, the American voters are the producers of your “show.” We may have limited influence on the script, the plot and the ratings but we definitely decide who stars in the show. You were miscast. What began as a comedy became a mystery drama and has become a dark comedy and not a good one. Many voters like you because you are not polished and you don’t follow the script. But your lack of talent is setting us back. You’re not just costing us time and as you know, time is money but you are also threatening the very existence of our ability to produce true greatness.

Donald, we cannot hope you will get better as you’ve clearly gotten worse over time. We will finish this run with you and then you’ll be replaced. Maybe then you can come face to face with your inadequacies and at the very least live out your days explaining to your grand children and great grand children how you "made America great again" by killing hundreds of thousands of them through your negligent leadership.

By the way, If nobody has informed you, please note that according to the Johns Hopkins COVID 19 Map* as of July 27, 2020 at 10:35pm EST, under your leadership and your non-action, there are 148,011 Americans killed by Covid-19 and 4,290,263 CONFIRMED cases.

*(copyright 2020 Johns Hopkins University, all rights reserved)

The Donald and Kanye Show Photo by Oliver Contreras

John Hopkins COVID-19 map 7/27/20 10:35pm EST

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