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Let's Dance!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

My Mom called me last night around 8 but I did not notice it until I picked up my phone around 10. We spoke this morning. She called last night to discuss the debate. I didn’t watch it. I forgot it was on. Not that I would have watched it had I remembered.

I have already made up my mind and so have probably most Americans regardless of what they say. What is the purpose of wasting all the resources that will be wasted in order that two unqualified old men can spout nothing of substance which their privileged status allows them to do and get away with it.

Not interested.

On the other hand, while unbeknownst to me the debates were going on, I did view the Duels and the Semi-finals of World Of Dance. A whole other type of competition with young people full of hope and dreams and more maturity than what existed on the debate stage I’m sure.

I saw a 9 year old girl with dancing ability way beyond her years and a passion for her dreams that drives her to strive for perfection.

I saw a black dude and an asian chick dance as a duo and make me proud to be an American because there are so few other places on this planet that such a combination would be likely to occur and be so damn entertaining.

I saw a trio of dancers (2 girls, 1 guy) who devoted their performance to one of the girls’ mother who beat cancer. They danced to “A Woman’s Work” by Maxwell with the daughter of the cancer survivor portraying the deadly disease which the other two performers deftly defied in a beautiful, moving story of strength and the will to hold on.

I saw a performer dance the story of his school aged disconnect with his dad and how that caused him pain and confusion and ultimately forgiveness and understanding.

I saw a team of dancers named “Oxygen” deliver an orchestra of movement that was such a breath of fresh air and so innovative that I stood up in front of the TV and gave them a standing ovation.

I saw a white guy, a black guy and a woman of puerto rican descent judge these dancers and provide them with insight gleaned over their years of professional success. I saw these experts be moved to tears and goose bumps as these youngsters gave everything they had to give to achieve their dance dreams. These dancers came from around the world and were there because they did the work. They put in the time. They took it seriously and they deserved to be there.

If I am going to invest my precious time into anything America produces for entertainment, I will choose shows like World Of Dance every time. Even though I know the producers tweak things to heighten the entertainment value, the contestants are mostly coming from a place of honesty and authenticity and they are doing what they love and as a result I am inspired.

The contestants in the Race For The Presidency are tired, played out, poll packaged, desperate for ratings and as a result watching them is depressing. From the standpoint of substance, these debates do not matter and I refuse to pretend they do. It is entertainment for those who have been programmed to believe watching two men pretend they matter, matters.

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