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Hospitality in the UAE

Hospitality. The dictionary definition is: cordial reception, kindness in welcoming guests or strangers.

During our trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we were definitely the recipients of massive doses of hospitality. KHP, the company that hosted us, has a roster of incredible people on it's team. From Marie, who greeted us at the airport, to Holly, who met us every morning with such a refreshing attitude, to Laura who took care of us at Formula 1 and Vicki, who tag-teamed with Laura, to Chloe and Silke, and Amanda. Each of these KHP team members contributed to making us feel special and there is something to be said for feeling like you are in good hands.

There were so many other wonderful people that were hospitable that reached out to us and made us feel special.

Fahd who went out of his way to insure that we had a great time in Abu Dhabi. The concerts to the rides to the hotel, to dinner, to just being kind and looking out for us. Thanks Fahd, you helped turn our visit into so much more.

Fadi who met us in Dubai and spent 1-1/2 days showing us the city and giving us background and insight and behind the scenes access and who sat in the emergency room and waited with us, when he could have been doing something so much more fun. Fadi, you are the man! We appreciate you.

Rachelle, you and Clint made Dubai even more cool. There is a sense that Dubai is all about appearance with little else. Yall gave our visit warmth and substance and at the end of the day a tall building or a huge fountain or massive mall just doesn't compare to becoming friends with special people. Thanks to you both.

Helena, Marwon, Swat Crew, Mighty 4, B-Boy Tommee, Jaffer, Nadim, Raz, Tom, MG, Dj Adned, DJ Chef, FireForce, Dan Magness, Mali, Sandra, Ola and so many more made our 2 weeks in the UAE an amazing experience and for that we are grateful to you all.

Of course, my teammates; Ryan Kiser, Anthony Grant, Jesus El, Gregory Mueller

Thank You!

5 members of ACRODUNK in yellow gear with black ACRODUNK logos  standing in front of a mural with a basketball player dunking a ball
ACRODUNK in Abu Dhabi November 2010

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