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I get asked all the time: What does acrodunk mean? What does an acrodunker do? What is acrodunking?

If you have ever created anything before, you will be able to relate to the feeling I had back in 1993 when I came up with a brand name for the activity that had literally taken over my life. I was a mascot for the Houston Rockets and had just launched a dunking mascot which was an alter-ego to the big fluffy mascot I performed as.

The activity was commonly known as acrobatic slam dunking at the time. There were other NBA mascots doing it as well as the Bud Light Daredevils. I was inspired by some teammates of mine from college to get into the mascot business and finally, I was going to get a chance to put my acrobatic skills on display in a streamlined spandex costume. I couldn't wait.

The new spandex wearing character was what I call a Sports Super Hero and later it's how I described the members of the High "Impact" Squad and even later the members of ACRODUNK. A Sports Super Hero is someone that not only displays amazing athletic skill but also inspires others to greatness.

This definition of Sports Super Hero led to the creation of the brand name ACRODUNK. When I came up with the term, it was so right. There was no better way to describe this idea of entertaining and inspiring through the combination of acrobatics and basketball. While others were engaged in acrobatic slam dunking, members of our team were ACRODUNKERS that engaged in ACRODUNKING. The mindset of an ACRODUNKER is focused on not only entertaining but also inspiring their audiences.

We focused on entertaining by blowing people away with the dunks and passes that we did and we focused on inspiring by doing what we did so well that we took audiences to a place in their own minds where they ask the question "how can I excel like this in my area of expertise?"

So, the brand ACRODUNK is our version of acrobatic slam dunking and those athletes in the ACRODUNK Family are ACRODUNKERS who engage in ACRODUNKING. Not everyone can be an ACRODUNKER both literally and legally.

ACRODUNK is our brand name and the intellectual property of Impact Entertainment Inc, and ACRODUNKER and ACRODUNKING are extensions of our brand.

Stay tuned for more as future posts will cover topics like "Was the IAF before it's time?" and the state of the acrobatic slam dunking industry.

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black on white silhouette of guy mid air with arched back and  basketball in hand as if dunking, ACRO in red against a yellow-gold back ground with DUNK in yellow-gold on black background to the right and EXTREME DUNKERS written underneath the oval that holds ACRO DUNK

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